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"As we all know, sitting in front of a computer doing desk work all day eventually will create some aches and pains, especially thru the neck, shoulder and arm areas. At least that’d what happened to me….

Having been referred to Dr. Klein by a former patient of his, I was optimistic as to what type of results I too could expect. The right side of my neck, shoulder and entire arm was in pain, whereas it was difficult to perform my professional duties on a day to day basis. Just the thought of using the keyboard at work brought tears to my eyes!!!!

Now, these aches and pains were not brought on overnight. It was due to years and years of repetitive computer work, an improper positioning of the keyboard, computer screen, chair and last but not least, the telephone.

I have been receiving Chiropractic care from Dr. Klein and his professional and caring staff now for the past several months and I can honestly attest to the fact that I an almost 100% pain-free. No more excruciating pain on the right side of my body and my eyes don’t well up with tears at the thought of using the keyboard!!!!

Yes, I have made some adjustments to my work station-all suggestions that Dr. Klein went over with me to make sure that it would be as ergonomically correct as possible.

Thank You to all of you for the T.L.C and making it my pleasure to be your patient. "

Auto Accident Injury Doctor
Melissa Fairley

"I’ve had back pain off and on for years and never saw the need to do anything about it. When the pain was getting so bad it was affecting my daily life, it was then I went to see a chiropractor. Unfortunately I saw little improvement and my condition got so bad I ended up in the hospital. I couldn’t walk without pain. The doctor recommended surgery and painkillers.

I really didn’t want to down that route. My sister was a patient of Dr. Klein and recommended that I see him. I was skeptical after my first chiropractic experience but I decided it was worth checking out. Dr. Klein understood my apprehension and really took the time to get to know and help me feel comfortable. It got easier & easier for him to adjust me and after 3 months I was back to my daily life."

Auto Accident Chiropractor
Casey C

"I want to share the great experience that I have encountered since seeking chiropractic care with Dr. Klein. I have been suffering from migraine headaches for 35 years. I have tried all the medical procedures, blood pressure medications, test, etc. and nothing has worked. I have had problems in the following areas for many years: my neck, shoulders, posture-standing up straight and headaches.

Since seeing Dr. Klein I feel that I have been given my life back. I was having difficulty with work and felt that I was not living my life but just trying to get thru the day. Now I do not wake up every morning with a headache. I am able to stay focused at work and not ‘worry’ about when the headaches will become so severe that I will once again have to take medication to make it thru the day. Many people tell me that I smile more and that I am actually standing up straight. The pain would actually cause me to slouch or drop my head as it was just too hard to hold up my head. My neck was actually being compressed as my head was not resting properly on my neck and that was causing problems with my shoulders and whole upper body.

I was very concerned about going to ‘another doctor’ as I had not seen any results from the expensive tests or medicine prescribed in the past. I am very glad that I took the chance and have continued with Dr. Klein for almost 3 months and am very satisfied with the results. I feel great now and wish that I had not waited so long to seek chiropractic care.

Dr. Klein and his office staff are always very professional, but maintain a friendly atmosphere. This is the first doctor’s office that I have not dreaded to go to. I actually feel better when I leave the office which has never happened before. Please do not ‘tolerate’ chronic pain as chiropractic care can and will help without unnecessary drugs and their side effects."

Whiplash Treatment
Margo C

"My need to see the chiropractor came about from a knee injury followed by surgery in which I was on crutches for 4 weeks. The surgery left me unable to walk or stand normally because of excruciating pain and limited mobility. My gate was off balance which affected my whole body. My ability to work effectively was greatly hampered. All this was compounded by the lack of sleep due to the pain I was experiencing.

Under Dr. Klein’s care and a regular schedule adjustments, stimulation therapy, ultrasound, massage therapy and traction I regained my walk without a limp. I could stand for longer periods of time, and even resumed a light routine of exercising. The pain was decreasing and I was starting to sleep for several hours before walking.

Now that I am on the maintenance program I have been able to have continued improvement. I now power walk a mile, 3 days a week, on my dinner break. I am sleeping a solid 8 hours a night. The pain I had in the past is more like a bad nightmare. I feel like my old self again.

Staying on the maintenance program is a godsend because I am keeping flare-ups at bay and the level of improvement I gained from all the treatments is maintained rather than lost. "

Whiplash Treatment
Maria M

"Thank You for helping me get my life back to what it was before my accident. I am both father and mother to my four children and for this reason I have to work seven days a week to provide for them. When the accident happen everything changed, I lost my car, my two jobs, but worst of all my body was left in a lot of pain and discomfort. Any minor movements caused me a lot pain, I could hardly sleep. It hurt my head just to hear any noise and I would lose my vision sometimes. All this was making me very sad and depressed because I was incapable of doing most of daily tasks. My kids had to help me, but I was lucky that by the grace of God I came across Dr. Klein. I would like to thank Dr. Klein so much for letting me have my normal life back. I can now work again, I can walk, run, noise doesn’t bother me anymore, and I can attend my children. May God bless him for having helped me so much with my back and neck. Thank you to all the staff because they are always so nice, attentive, and caring. I felt like family when I was there. Thank you very much Dr. Klein."

Whiplash Treatment
P Lopez

"I have been coming to Dr. Klein for the past 3 years. I come in for monthly adjustments. Dr. Klein is very professional and good at his adjustments. His entire staff is very friendly and helpful. They know my first name as I walk into the door.

A few years ago I had a very bad snow ski accident where I heavily sprained my neck. Dr. Klein completed Xrays and started a therapy session of twice a week. After 4 visits the muscles started relaxing and the healing began. Right after the accident I thought to myself...oh no...neck pains for the rest of my life. Not with Dr. Klein's work. I highly recommend him."

Whiplash Treatment
Larry B

"Dr. Klein is a fantastic chiropractor. I am a large person and many chiropractors have trouble doing an adequate adjustment. I feel strongly that he would be equally good on smaller people as well. He has a variety of techniques that he uses and he keeps me going. I am a dentist and we dentists are constantly plagued with bad back from maintaining awkward positions. Not only is Dr. Klein a great practitioner but he also shares ideas for healthy living. His staff are fantastic including his reception staff, his massage staff and his auxiliary staff. This is a well run place to get first rate care."

Whiplash Treatment
Jonathan W

"I just wanted to say thank you for the work that you had done with my back injury. I am now feeling much better and have gained back my range of motions. The professionalism and the friendliness of the staff had made it very pleasant to work with. The "stress-free" atmosphere had made it a relaxing place for the treatment. I really appreciate your transparency from day 1 and the advice you've given me. If any of my colleagues are looking for a chiropractor or a massage therapist, I will be more than happy to recommend you and the therapist to them. In fact, I'd like to continue my maintenance treatment with you as this has tremendously helped reducing my stress."

Whiplash Treatment
Katheryn D

"I have been coming to Dr. Klein since 2009. I had bad back spasms, lower and upper. I could barely get out of bed some days. Since I came to see Dr. Klein and began his treatments I have not had a back spasm in over 2 years. His staff is great. His fees are flexible. I feel like I'm visiting a good friend. His back decompression treatment is awesome. I have not felt this good in a long time. I recommend anybody suffering from back problems to see him. I give him 5 stars all the way!"

Whiplash Treatment
Agnes W

"I am ever so grateful for Dr. Klein and his staff for all their help. I can now stave off the need for surgery I arrived in the fall barely able to walk the pain was excruciating. The inevitable diagnosis from my physician was hip replacement surgery. But diligent with adjustments, massage therapy and the DRX machine has allowed me to be able to walk my dog again with minimal to no pain and I have started to ease in to Zumba exercising as well for a few more years."

Whiplash Treatment
Delores R

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